Materials Swap

This morning I attended TESOL International's K-12 Dream Day for the first time. I met numerous teachers who were interested in sharing materials. Rather than send bottom-heavy messages with scads of attachments (and possibly crashing my new contacts' email...I figured it made better sense to throw together a quick wiki. We can use this space to aggregate teacher-created materials, reflect on their efficacy, and post requests for new materials.

Are you a teacher serving English language learners? Join the wiki! Help build a teacher-driven, student-centered cache of resources that integrate content and language objectives. :-)

Notes from K-12 Morning Sessions

Today I was able to attend to K-12 Dream Day workshops: Wayne Wright's Foundations for Making Principles Instructional Decisions with English Language Learners and Amanda Kibler and Christine Hardigree's Making the Most of Language and Literacy Practices. The following resources were mentioned or used in the presentations.

Wayne mentioned the CREDE report, a National Literacy Panel Report, and the SOLOM assessment--all in reference to oral language developed. I found this page on the Colorin Colorado website that links to NLP and some other research TESOLers might find relevant to their work. I'm not sure which CREDE report Wayne was citing but I did find this page of excellent resources produced by CREDE. I hope you find it useful. Finally, here's a link to information about the SOLOM assessment, should anyone be interested in reading more about it.

I was inspired by the videos Amanda Kibler and Christine Hardigree showcased in their presentation. Amanda Kibler invited attendees to Google her to find the list of links to those videos.

TESOL K-12 Dream Day Video Links

1. elementary_math_measurement

Dana Sullivan teaches a third-grade math lesson on measurement (6:30 min)
2. elementary_math_addition_spanish

A teacher asks second grade students in a bilingual class to explain how to solve problems (9:27)
3. elementary_mathtalk_addition

First graders explain how they solved math problems (3:19)
4. elementary_speaking

Linda Tong guides her students in a speaking skills lesson (3:10 min)
5. highschool_math_algebra

Brian Waldman leads a high school algebra lesson on linear equations (6:24 min)
6. highschool_science_foodchains

Lynn Allan leads a high school biology lesson on food chains (6:21 min)
7. highschool_writing

Tony DeFazio leads a high school writing lesson (5:28 min)

Kicking Off the Materials Swap

Well, as a teacher of ELLs at various proficiency levels and a range of prior schooling experiences...I cannot rely on canned curricula to meet my students' needs. Like most teachers, I am a materials writer. Admittedly, and unfortunately (but alas! This is changing with this very wiki), those materials are tucked away in a million and a half folders across to computers and on Google docs. Although I typically walk through my school waving papers asking "Hey, wanna try this ...I threw together to facilitate acquisition of ..." So, I hope to save myself and other teachers time by creating this space to share teacher-made materials for ELLs. Visit this page to check out some materials!